Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Teen Mom: Secrets & Lies Episode Recap

Amber, Gary, and Booger arrive home from their Florida vacay and Amber’s already raving about the proposal. Gary complains that the apartment smells. We later find out that there was still water in the tub from Leah’s last bath. Yuck! The camera then gives us a couple shots of various rooms in their home to show us what slobs they are.

Maci’s off to pick up Bentley from Ryan’s parents to take a 2 hour trip to Nashville for a sleep-over with friends. Should a baby really be at a college sleep-over? Maci tells her friends that Bentley will meet Kyle tomorrow. She’s pretty confident that the two will like each other, and he’ll be good with Bentley.

Farrah and Sophia celebrate Easter by themselves. Farrah even puts together a little Easter egg hunt for Sophia. I’m impressed. We get a couple LOL worthy shots of Debra doing her community service as Farrah states that she hasn’t spoken to her mom since the plea bargain. Farrah’s friend comes over to help her clean up the mess from Sophia’s Easter egg hunt and Farrah get’s the curtains stuck in the vacuum. Yikes. She then let’s us know that she’s paying rent, but doesn’t know where to sign a check. Seriously?

Catelynn and Tyler meet up to talk about Catelynn’s phone records. She drops the bomb that she attempted to call her ex six times, but only talked to him twice. Should she really be in a relationship if she’s reaching out to her ex like this? Tyler is peeved and wants the phone records. He then lectures her, and Catelynn starts crying. Tyler starts yelling when she brings Carly into the mix. These two are proving more and more that they should not be together.

Gary dresses up as the Easter Bunny for little Leah. Leah was not interested. Amber then starts talking about how weird it is that she’s a mom now and is buying Easter stuff for Leah. She then goes on to say that if she didn’t have Leah, she’d still expect her mom to buy her Easter stuff. Really? How old is she again?

Farrah wants to upgrade her car, so she is listing her car for sale online. Wasn’t she just complaining about her financial situation?

Catelynn texts Tyler about the status of their relationship. Tyler lets her know that they’re on a break because her presence disgusts him. Ouch! Catelynn calls her counselor to vent about the Tyler situation. Poor girl. Does she not have any friends she can talk to about this kind of stuff?

Kyle comes by to meet Bentley. Bentley’s shy and hides behind a couch at first, but Bentley warms up once Kyle shows a little interest.

Gary and Amber head to Gary’s parent to celebrate Easter. They let Gary’s parents know they’re engaged... for the third time. There wasn’t much of a reaction. Amber confesses she wants to have the wedding in Florida on the beach and that they’re willing to help pay for Gary’s parents to come out. How are they going to do this in their financial situation? Weddings are not cheap either. We then find out Amber’s definition of “help” is having Gary’s family crash at Amber’s uncles house. Things get a little heated when Gary’s parents think that they’ll be staying with Amber’s parent’s (whom they don’t get along with). Amber really has a hard time getting along with anyone. She get’s so upset that she leaves during dinner. Dramatic much?

Farrah sells her car for a total $5000, but the guy paid an extra $3000 to have it shipped.

Catelynn is nervous about meeting Tyler tomorrow at the adoption agency, and confides in her mom.

Amber walked all the way from Easter dinner at Gary’s. Gary calls her (as soon as she gets home) and demands her to come back to his mom’s house. He threatens to break up with Amber if she doesn’t come back and solve the problem with his parents. He then threatens to keep Leah from her. Doesn’t he know that threats won’t get you anywhere? Amber surprisingly doesn’t care about the break up. Funny since she was in tears a couple episodes ago because Gary wouldn’t commit. They take a couple jabs at each others parenting and that’s it. The engagement is off. That lasted all of what... a few days? That’s what happens when you force things. Gary packs his and Leah’s things and leaves to go back and stay with his parents.

Kyle and Maci take Bentley to ride go carts. Is this even safe? Bentley doesn’t like the go cart ride and I’m not suprised. Kyle tells Maci that he doesn’t want them to leave and he even asks to hold Bentley. It seems like he really cares about both of them.

Farrah finds a car to buy, and takes her old car to get detailed so she can ship it to the buyer. While at the detailer, Farrah and her friend must make Sophia a diaper out of towels and toilet paper. Farrah calls the bank to make sure the check from the buyer cleared and it turns out that the check was returned. Uh-oh.

Tyler picks Catelynn up for their meeting with Dawn. They brought Carly Easter baskets to be shipped to her and they got new pictures of Carly. Dawn asks them how they are as a couple, and they kind of avoid the question. Tyler drops Catelynn back off at home and refuses to hug her. This really hurts her feelings, and he speeds off. He talks with his mom about the Catelynn situation when he gets home. His mom questions his happiness with Catelynn. She then concludes that his problems are the issues with himself and he takes that out on Catelynn. Tyler then apologizes to Catelynn in a text message. How romantic.

Gary and Leah arrive back at home the next morning. Gary apologizes to Amber for what happened at his parent’s house. She never once apologizes to Gary for how she acted, instead she sits there and lectures him about everything he did wrong. Amber wants Gary to change, and she turns on the waterworks again. She really does need counseling.

Farrah is upset because she wired $3000 to the person who bought her car for shipping and it was all just a scam. She talks with the bank and the money transfer service she used about how to get her money back. It turns out the buyer had already picked up the transfer, so there was nothing they could do. She would have to call him herself. Sophia’s being fussy while Farrah is trying to deal with this fiasco and is getting upset with Sophia. She walks away to go talk on the phone and Sophia falls off the bed. She really has to learn to be more attentive.

Maci teaches Kyle to change Bentley’s diaper. They talk about their relationship and him having to be there for both her and Bentley.

Farrah’s friend comes over for another venting session. She tells her that she is out the three grand that she sent the buyer for shipping and she ends up crying again. It’s understandable.

Catelynn meets with Tyler to give him her phone records. He tells her that he doesn’t want them because he wants to start over and trust her again. Aw. They’re back on good terms and the episode ends with them throwing the phone records in the river.


  1. i hear farrahs talking to her parents again---just in time since the free baby sitting is over. also heard she left the baby with her parents while she went out with friends. i guess nothing really changes. and whats up with her blaming her parents for everything wrong with her life? as bratty as she is-and she blames her parents for her not telling her baby daddy she was pregnant?! give me a break. she needs to wake up. i dont know whose a worse parent--farrah or amber. amber is in need of some parenting classes. if anyone could have done something good for their baby like adoption it should have been amber. that poor kid doesnt have a chance.

  2. Ug I get so irritated with Farrah. Who leaves a baby on a bed (who is mobile) and walks away? Also, who doesn't know about craigslists scams? Duh!

  3. Forget the bed! Didn't anyone see her leave Sophia in the bath in the sink while she was on her damn phone! DISGUSTING

  4. Amber is just a psych case.