Saturday, February 12, 2011

Is Barbara To Blame?

After watching the latest Teen Mom 2 episode, I’m really starting to see why Jenelle is the way she is. I think that Jenelle acts out because of her mother. I’ve noticed that Barbara nags her... a lot. She seems like she tries to push Jenelle’s buttons. Then there is the fact that they can’t even have a conversation without getting frustrated with each other. They should seek family counseling to help them learn how to treat each other better. It’s not healthy for Jace to be in that type of environment. As for Jenelle’s constant partying, and staying out late- I would say that’s also because of her home environment. Who wants to stay home with someone who is constantly belittling them? Barbara completely over reacted about the tax form. I understand that she was in a rush to go somewhere, and was most likely stressed about that, but that’s no excuse to talk to your child like that. Plus, how embarrassing must that have been for Keifer to witness that? It’s nice to see that Jenelle is trying to get her life on the right track by going to college and having a job. It shows that she does have potential to be a good parent and possibly regain custody of Jace. However, she has to get her priorities straight. Even though her mother drives her crazy, she shouldn’t be forfeiting the one day she gets to spend with Jace by staying out all night. I am not making excuses for Jenelle or her behavior, but I do see why she acts the way she does now.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Maci Bookout Gets A Makeover

Maci Bookout got a makeover! Maci now has breast implants (a C cup), as well as platinum blonde hair and extensions. I personally liked her old look better. Plus, how do you think she paid for that stuff? She is becoming more and more unrelatable. What teenage mother has the money to go out and get a boob job, as well as hair extensions? I wonder if they’ll even address her makeover on the show. She also has recently said that she has stopped drinking and partying. She is more mature now, and wants to show everyone that. However, she was just seen partying with Jersey Shore girls. There’s also the fact that many fans have said that Maci has let the fame go to her head. She acts snobby and better than the other moms. What do you think of Maci and her new look? Is the fame really getting to her?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Teen Mom 2- “Nothing Stays The Same” Recap

And we’re back with the first season of Teen Mom 2. The girls in this season are Leah Messer, Jenelle Evans, Chelsea Houska, and Kail Lowry.

The show re-introduces her, Corey, and their twin girls, Ali and Aleeah. The girls are now seven months old, and she and Corey aren’t currently together (in reality, they just married). She takes care of the girls alone during the week and even graduated high school. Good for her! She meets with Corey to talk about the relationship, but it doesn’t go that well. Leah invites Corey to her graduation, but he doesn’t show up. Leah decides to try again by inviting Corey to dinner- and he agrees! It ends up being a bust when they start fighting 2 seconds after they sit down at the table.

Kail- Kail, Jo, and baby Isaac are up next. Isaac is 7 months old now. Kail graduated high school, has a part-time job, and is about to start community college. So far, these girls are doing a lot better than Teen Mom 1. However, her and Jo are having issues with Jo being controlling. The main issue seems to be fighting over the car that they share. Kail believes in not fighting in front of Isaac. Amber- please take note! Jo suggests they separate for a while. Kail has lunch with her mom and tells her about the break up with Jo. Kail’s mom didn’t even offer a place for her to stay. She talks to Jo’s mom and she agrees to let Kail continue to stay there. Jo is obviously not happy about the arrangement, and it’s causing Kail to feel uncomfortable living there. Kail is asked out by a guy at work, but she turns him down.

Chelsea- Chelsea and Adam are still not together. He does see baby Aubree once a month. She was unable to graduate on time, but is currently making up the work at home. She moves into her own place with her best friend, and her dad will pay the rent. Aubree has an explosive diaper, and Chelsea asks her mom to bring new clothes, and baby soap. Seems like she is pretty dependent on her parents. She also has implied that she will be having her friend help out with Aubree. She’s the Farrah of this season. She is on a man hunt for a father for Aubree. Chelsea chooses to go clothes shopping over studying. She agrees to go out with a guy, Chris from school, and leaves baby Aubree with Megan. She realizes that dating while being a mom is a lot harder than it looks. Chelsea opens up to her dad about missing Adam, and the fact that she may not find someone else.

Jenelle- Jace is 9 months old and nothing has really changed. She did graduate, and plans to attend college in the fall. Her mom still takes care of Jace, and she still complains about her mom nagging her about acting like a mother. Andrew is supposedly modeling in China, and has only seen Jace 4 times. Jenelle says that she doesn’t see what the big deal is with her going out since her mom is always there to watch him. Newsflash: You’re his mother. You’re the one who should be watching him. Her mom takes the baby to day care, and also gets him ready everyday. Jenelle seems to only want to act like a mother when it’s convenient for her to do so. She feels she has a right to go out because she is a teen. HA! Jenelle and her mom get into a heated argument about taking care of Jace, and she actually ends up pushing her mom. Watch out Jenelle, Amber’s violence landed her in jail. Jenelle comes home and finds out she is served. Jenelle’s mother wants to take Janelle to court for custody of Jace. Jenelle shows us how classy she is by screaming at mother, and threatening spit in her face in front of the whole neighborhood.