Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Teen Mom: The After Show (Episode 4)

Amber: The camera pans in on all 4 of the ladies sitting on the couch and Amber looks extremely unhappy. She is also very quiet when she speaks. That’s a first. She does realize how awkward the whole proposal scene looked to viewers, but she once again blames it on Gary. Can she ever do wrong? She even admits to wanting to say no to Gary’s proposal. What! After she AND her family sat there bugging him about it everyday. This just makes me not like her even more. She feels her family pressured Gary into proposing. Amber did as well, but of course she doesn’t mention that. She then says she was pressured to say yes. In no way did I ever see Gary pressure Amber into marrying him. He was doing the exact opposite. What planet does she live on? I did notice that she is not wearing an engagement ring. Is the wedding off? I wouldn’t be surprised.

Catelynn: Catelynn really feels guilty for causing Tyler pain over her lying. I really think that Tyler has taken this whole issue too far. They are 17 years old. He can’t really expect her to act like a married 30 year old woman. I applaud Catelynn for even telling Tyler. Most 17 year olds wouldn’t tell their boyfriend about talking to an ex-boyfriend again.

Maci: She’s pretty boring this season. She addresses the whole pacifier and co-parenting thing. I think it’s going to be hard for Maci and Ryan to co-parent because of the fact that there is little communication between the two.

Farrah: I think it’s good that Farrah is grieving and addressing her grief. However, I don’t buy for a second that she still would want to be with Derek if he were alive. I certainly have not forgotten the way she treated him in her episode of 16 & Pregnant. Who knows if Derek would even know he had a child if he were still alive. It just seems like another excuse from Farrah.
Farrah says she would have moved out even if the incident with her mom never happened. I don’t buy that either. She stayed with her parents because they financially supported her, and most likely would have continued to do so until something like this happened.
I do have to give the girl some credit for realizing that she does take her anger out on whoever happens to be with her at the time. Farrah even suggests counseling to a girl in the audience that is in a similar situation. Thinks are starting to look up.

On this episode, every girl admits to wanting the fairy tale and wanting to stay with the father of their babies because they want their children to be happy. What good does it do for your child to see you constantly fight and be unhappy? It’s better for the couple to split, then to raise a child in that environment.


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  2. Absolutely agree with your analysis. Though I don't think that Farrah is "lying" about thinking she'd still be with Derek. I think that since his passing she's really made him into a perfect man, which is easy to do when the real person isn't around to contradict your ideal. It's very unfortunate for her and hopefully something she'll come to realize through counseling.