Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Leah Messer Moves In With Boyfriend

Leah recently posted on Facebook that she and Corey have moved into an apartment together with their twins.

Leah and Corey definitely had their relationship issues on her 16 & Pregnant episode. There was even a moment when viewer’s thought they may call it quits for good. It’s great to see that they’re still together and they’ve made this step. Corey seems to be a good father and really care about his daughters. You can’t say that about too many other dads from 16 & Pregnant. Will we see a wedding in the future? Let’s hope so.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Lori Wickelhaus Sets the Record Straight

Lori Wickelhaus of 16 & Pregnant took to her Facebook this weekend to set the record straight about her mom. People have been saying that Lori’s mother is a bitch because of the way she acted on the show. Lori’s mom did come off unsupportive of her daughter keeping the baby on 16 & Pregnant. She was very against Lori and Cory keeping baby Aidan and was not afraid to voice her opinion on the subject. I think that it was her pressuring Lori to give the baby up that ultimately led to Lori’s decision to put Aidan up for adoption.

Fans are also saying that Lori should have kept Aidan and just let Cory raise him. If you remember, Cory was very upset that Lori chose to put Aidan up for adoption. Lori claims this is unrealistic and I must agree. Cory didn’t seem like he was ready to be a father.

Lori says that Aidan is with the best parents and she is happy with her decision.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

MTV Announces Cast of Season 3 of 16 & Pregnant

The show will go on! MTV has announced the cast members of season 3 of their show, 16 & Pregnant. It is rumored to air this fall. The cast is:

Ashley Salazar- She was supposed to be on season 2 of 16 & Pregnant, but got pushed back to season 3. She is from Mckinny, TX and gives birth to a baby girl named Callie. Ashley struggles with the decision to put her baby up for adoption. I don’t want to say anything else because of spoilers, but this episode is an emotional rollercoaster, so grab the tissues.

Aubery Akerill- She is a 17 year old who is living in Washington. She has a baby boy named Austin and is married.

Brooke Tarrant- She is 17 and married to Cody. They have a baby boy named Brody. They’re from Mansfield, TX.

Christinna Robinson- Not much info about Christinna yet. She does have a daughter named Destiny.

Emily McKenzie- She is 16 years old and has a baby boy named Liam. She is engaged to the babies father, Daniel Peterson.

Felicia Cooke- She is a 17 year old girl who gave birth to Genesis in February of 2010. She is still with the father of the baby, Mauricio. She is from Lewisville, TX.

Kayla Jordan- She is from Centre, AL and is 18 years old. She and her finance, J.R. have a baby boy named Rylan.

Markai Durham- She is 18 years old and just graduated high school. She has a baby named Za’kaira. I think she may have been in the season 2 trailer of 16 & Pregnant.

Megan McConnell- She is 17 years old and has a baby boy named Blake with her boyfriend, Nathan.

It’s rumored that MTV is already casting for season 4 of 16 & Pregnant.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Is Josh Drummonds The Next Spencer Pratt?

I’m sure you all remember Josh Drummonds from Nikkole Paulun’s episode of 16 & Pregnant in season 2. He was the guy who threatened to throw a chair at his pregnant girlfriend, he was extremely disrespectful to Nikkole and her mother, and has a criminal record. Now he has decided to grace us with his stupidity again by getting a Fromspring. Josh’s Formspring has since been deleted. Go figure. Here are some of the questions from it.

Taken from Josh’s Fromspring:

Q:“What have you been arrested for?"

A:“Too much shit dude. Larceny but mostly drugs and shit and breaking into houses and just so much dumb shit”

Q:“do you regret acting the way you did in the delivery room?"

A:“Nah Rikki deserved it”

Q:“do you get mad when people talk crap?"

A:“Nah haters make me famous”

Looks like he’s a little Spencer Pratt in the making. What is MTV creating?

Josh seems like he hasn’t changed and got a fair edit on 16 & Pregnant. While I like Nikkole, I would rather not see her on Teen Mom. I don’t think Josh needs, or deserves anymore air time. The fact that Nikkole continues to stay with Josh after the way he verbally, and possibly physically abuses her is not healthy. It’s sending teen girls the wrong message.

In case you missed Josh on 16 & Pregnant:

Friday, June 25, 2010

Jenelle Evans Signs Over Rights

Jenelle Evans from season 2 of 16 & Pregnant has signed over her rights to baby Jace. Her mom now has temporary custody of the child. It is said that Jenelle’s mom has custody because Jenelle failed a DSS test.

This doesn’t really surprise me after seeing the way Jenelle acted on her episode. She says she got a bad edit, but it looks like it was pretty fair after reading some of her updates on Myspace and Twitter. Jenelle is infamous for being the mom who smoked weed while pregnant, and claimed that being a mom was like being in prison. She’s constantly being bashed on Formspring for being an “unfit mother” and not using a carseat the correct way.

I do think this was the best choice for Jace. Jenelle has shown that she is not ready to be a mom yet. Her mom was the one who was getting up with him at night and taking him to daycare everyday.

Jenelle is fighting with a friend and this friend has taken to her Fromspring to release some info about Jenelle’s personal life. The friend claims Jenelle smokes weed in front of her child. Someone had asked Jenelle if she has ever smoked in front of Jace a few months ago and her response was no. The girl also claims that Jenelle left Jace in the car while she went out with friends to party.

Those are some pretty terrible accusations. I hope for the sake of poor baby Jace that the accusations are false and that this is just a girl who is looking for revenge.

MTV Presents Teen Dad?

Do you all remember Whitney Pruvis from season one of 16& Pregnant? She elected not to do Teen Mom because of medical problems, but has recently announced via Formspring and Twitter that her fiance, Weston Gosa will be on MTV’s newest addition, Teen Dad. It’s also rumored that Ryan, Maci’s ex will be on the show, too.

From Whitney’s Formspring:

“So what's teen dad goin to be about single teen dads or just dads perspective? and whens teen mom coming back?”

“teen mom in the summer & the dads perspective.”

“so does MTV still contact you about stuff even though you don't do anything for them anymore? like how did you hear about teen dad?”

“yeah I still talk to them & they called us asking if we'd be interested.”

I am very happy about Weston being on the show. Whitney was one of my favorites from season one and now we’ll get to see her again. Ryan seemed so disconnected on Teen Mom. It could have just been the editing, but I’m hoping we see more of a nurturing side of Ryan if he’s on the show. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Gary on this. We never really see him being a parent to Leah on Teen Mom. The show focuses more on Amber’s parenting and their fighting. I don’t know that there are any other dads that they could add to this show from season one. I like Tyler, but we see enough of him on Teen Mom. Maybe they’ll throw some dads in there from season 2. Jo (Kailyn), Skylar (Lizzie), Corey (Leah), and possibly Matt (Valerie) would be some good additions.

Now this show isn’t official, but I think it would be great. I think a lot of people wished that Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant focused more on the dads, and now that could be possible.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's Official!

It’s official. The second season of Teen Mom will premier on MTV on July 20th at 10PM. This season still will only feature Amber and Gary, Tyler and Catelynn, Ryan and Maci, and Farrah. I know Jenelle has mentioned there will be a Teen Mom with the girls from the second season of 16 & Pregnant. My guess is their season will air after this season of Teen Mom.

Now for the trailer. If you haven’t watched it yet, it can be viewed here: http://www.mtv.com/videos/misc/531210/teen-mom-season-2-trailer.jhtml#id=1642204.

Amber- Well, she looks great this season. Amber has obviously lost quite a bit of weight, but she still doesn’t have her GED. Surprising? We see a pregnancy scare, which I’m hoping is the one that was addressed on the Teen Mom Reunion. Gary and Amber’s relationship still looks like it’s in trouble. Apparently Gary is a cheater. Amber has her fist raised at Gary once again, but then we see her in a wedding dress. Hmmm.

Maci- She has a new beau in her life who looks an awful lot like Bentley. Maci tells Ryan she plans to take Bentley away for the Summer and Ryan pretty much says that he’ll see her in court. Is Ryan really upset that Bentley’s leaving for the Summer, or just jealous of the relationship Kyle has with Bentley and Maci?

Catelynn- Looks like Amber and Gary aren’t the only ones having trouble in lovers land. An emotional Catelynn throws her ring at Tyler after he says he doesn’t think they should be engaged. The couple are obviously dealing with their own struggles of giving up their daughter and it looks to be effecting their relationship. Hopefully not for the long term! The good news is that they get to see Carly. Yay!

Farrah- I’m sure most heard that Farrah and her mom had a physical altercation a few months ago and MTV caught it all on camera. Farrah appears to be living in some sort of empty home. Maybe she got an apartment. She’s in therapy with her mother, but doesn’t seem to be making much progress. I’m happy to see that she has put trying to find a man on the back burner for the moment and focus on being a mom.

The babies have gotten so big since the reunion. Bentley is talking and most are walking. It looks to be a good, drama filled season.