Thursday, July 1, 2010

Amber Portwood's Dramatic Weight Loss

The question that’s on everyone’s mind is; how did Amber lose all that weight so fast? She looks great! If you remember, Amber was quite a bit heavier at the Teen Mom Reunion.

Amber on MTV's 16 & Pregnant
Amber on MTV's Teen Mom last season

That looks like quite a difference. Some are saying that Amber decided to take martial arts to lose her weight. I really have to wonder how she found time. We see her constantly complaining about not being able to get her GED because she doesn’t have a sitter. How can she find a sitter to go to a martial arts class, but not get her GED? This girl has got to get her priorities straight. She could have a bought a treadmill from Walmart with the money she used to pay for the martial arts class (if it’s true) and exercised at home with Leah, and then used the time when she had a babysitter to study for her GED.

We also saw Amber taking medication last season. Depending on what the medication is, it could have caused her to lose some of the weight.

I’m sure her weight loss will be talked about on the new season of Teen Mom. Maybe we’ll even get to see Amber’s transformation take place on our television screens. Who knows. I just hope she lost the weight the right way.