Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Teen Mom: Lashing Out Recap

Catelynn and Tyler meet with their adoption agent to get their 12 month pictures of Carly. What a cutie! They talk about school, grades, and Catelynn’s mom. It’s good to hear that Catelynn is not going to let her mother’s negativity stop her from following her dreams.

Maci is still upset with the way things were left between her and Ryan. Ryan is yet to call Bentley after they moved. Maci is positive that Ryan’s parents will call about Bentley in the next week.

Amber and Gary are no longer together. Shocker. Gary is still living with Amber and takes Leah to the park to avoid fighting with Gary. Gary has hope for their relationship, while Amber says they’re done. Amber says she can not focus on anything but her Krav Maga.

Farrah had to buy a new car because her’s broke down. She plans on moving into Debbie’s rental house in a month. Farrah meets with her lawyer to see about getting benefits for Sophia without dealing with Derek’s family. Farrah’s lawyer gets Kassy on the phone and she agrees to take the paternity test. Kassy wants Farrah to meet her there so she can meet Sophia. Yay! Farrah got a new job as a waitress to help make more money. She goes to pick Sophia up from Debbie’s house and Farrah explains the situation with Kassy.

Maci feels bad about keeping Bentley from Ryan. A friend of Maci’s come over and they dicuss Ryan. She doesn’t want to go court, and would prefer mediation. She plans on calling Ryan and taking Bentley to see him.

Gary’s parents come over to drop Leah off. Gary’s mom was nice enough to bring over a crib sheet for Leah. Amber is upset because she thinks it made her look like a bad mom. Amber is upset and yelling at Gary because Leah is crying. He asks Amber why she still hasn’t put a sheet on Leah’s crib since his mom brought them over this morning. Amber gets defensive and Gary threatens to call CPS. Amber then decides it will be a good idea to put her hands on Gary... again. Is she ever gonna learn? Gary leaves with Leah and says he’ll be keeping her forever.

Maci heads home and calls Ryan so he can see Bentley. Maci talks to Ryan about trying to settle things out of court.

Catelynn and Tyler meet with a college advisor to figure out what to do after high school. Catelynn would like to be an ultrasound tech. Tyler would like to be an EMT, and then get a degree in psychology. Catelynn and Tyler are the first out of their families to graduate high school and go to college.

Amber’s friends come over and she voices her concerns about Gary possibly taking Leah away from her.

Catelynn and Tyler learn they don’t have enough credits to graduate on time.

Farrah is still going to school to get her culinary degree. She realizes that it’s hard to study with a baby trying to get into everything. Kassy calls and states that she would like to meet Sophia in private.

Maci is shopping for potties with her friends while Bentley visits with Ryan and his girlfriend.

Farrah is nervous about meeting Kassy. Kassy thinks that Sophia looks just like Derek. Derek really cared about Farrah and wanted to be there for Farrah. Kassy brought a picture of Derek for Sophia to have.

Catelynn’s grades come in the mail and her mom realizes that she can’t graduate on time. She lets her mom know that she still plans to graduate and is happy her mom didn’t get upset.

Kassy takes the DNA test, and would like to hang out with Farrah and Sophia again. Debbie calls and lets Farrah know how she feels about Farrah meeting with Kassy. Farrah breaks down on the phone about it.

Amber has decided to kick Gary out. Gary comes in to try and talk with Amber and she starts yelling. Amber hits Gary 4 times... make that 5 times. Then she gives him a swift kick down the stairs. Anger management!

Maci meets with Ryan to talk about custody. They agree to switch out holidays each year. They come up with arrangements so they can go to mediation.

Tyler and Catelynn go to their high school graduation to support their friends.

Farrah meets with Kristina to talk about how things went with Kassy.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Teen Mom: Season 2, “Trial and Error” Recap

The show opens with Maci and Bentley watching Kyle ride dirtbikes. Maci then decides that it’s a good idea for Bentley, Kyle, and Maci to all get on the dirtbike at one time and ride. Not smart!

Amber has taken Leah to the library to help find out some information on how to get her GED. Is she ever going to get this thing? She then voices concern that she doesn’t want Leah knowing that Gary has a diploma when she has a GED. She doesn’t want him holding anything over her head. Gary advises her to just forget classes and try and take the test.

Farrah is upset about losing her free babysitting because of making too much money. She wants Debra to help out, but she has community service. Things are all better between them now? Farrah allows her friend, Ali to watch Sophia. Farrah voices her concerns about her finances and Ali recommends talking to her parents. Farrah pretty much says her parents won’t help and she’s on her own.

Catelynn is happy that her life is drama free at the moment. Butch and Tyler talk about Catelynn’s lies and Tyler lets him know that they worked everything out. Butch lets him know that Tyler can come to him anytime he has a problem and wants to talk. Butch then gets a phone call that he has to go to rehab. Again!

Maci, Bentley, and Kyle go out to eat for their last night in Nashville. Kyle proposes that Maci move to Nashville to be with Kyle. Ryan’s not going to like this. Maci says that she will think about it.

Amber goes back to meet with the counselor from last season to talk about her GED. Amber is worried that people will judge her for having a GED instead of a diploma. She decides that she will get her GED for the moment, and then possibly get her high school diploma later down the line. I doubt that will happen.

Butch and Catelynn come over to let Tyler know that Butch must go to rehab. Tyler is happy that it’s rehab and not jail. He wants his dad to actually take the rehab stay seriously. Catelynn is worried how rehab will effect everyone.

Farrah tells her boss that she needs more hours because she was scammed and he says they will try to work it out.

Maci stops by her friend Taylors on the way home. She’s driving Kyle’s car for some reason. She lets Taylor know that she wants to move to Nashville to be with Kyle.

Amber’s mom takes Butch to rehab while Tyler and Catelynn are at school. We learn that he’s in rehab for cocaine abuse.

Amber tells Gary she’ll need a lot of support for her to get her GED. Good luck with that. Amber will be taking her GED test at the end of the month.

Maci drops Bentley off at Ryan’s so she can take an exam. She doesn’t let Ryan know about her plans to move to Nashville. She looks into transferring to a college close to Kyle. She finds out that it won’t be a problem.

Amber’s mom is upset with Butch being in rehab and she’s taking it out on Catelynn. She’s mad that Catelynn doesn’t help out around the house. I feel really bad for Catelynn during this scene. Her mom needs some help with anger issues.

Ali brings Sophia home to Farrah and lets them know what they did all day. Ali expresses that it must be difficult for Farrah to be a “mom” everyday. Ali wants Farrah to go speed dating. I already don’t like Ali. Farrah needs to focus on Sophia and herself right now.

Maci and Bentley are looking at new child care for Bentley in Nashville. Bentley calls Kyle daddy. Uh-oh! Maci is worried this could scare Kyle away.

Catelynn calls Tyler to come pick her up since her and her mom are fighting. Catelynn confides in Tyler’s mom about the fight she had with her mom about Carly. Her mom really needs to get over it already.

Farrah decides to go speed dating. All the guys appear to be years older than her. It turned out to be a big waste of time. Farrah does say that she’s not going to look for a boyfriend.

Maci wants some reassurance from Kyle about the move. Maci decides that she’s moving to Nashville!

Amber is studying for her GED test. Gary says that he wants to married to a woman who has her stuff together and Amber flips out... as usual. Amber goes to take the test and is frustrated 10 seconds in. Amber failed every section of the GED test. Amber wants a vitamin to help her remember things while studying.

Maci lets her friends know that she’s moving to Nashville to be with Kyle. Her friends are upset that she’s leaving, but they support her.

Catelynn returns home to try and make things better with her mom. Her mom is still angry and wants Catelynn to help out. Catelynn then goes and cleans the house. Hopefully that makes her mom happy. They decide to order pizza and watch cartoons.