Thursday, August 19, 2010

Amber Portwood the Martial Arts Instructor?

Amber Portwood of Teen Mom has never been too into getting a job, or her GED. She always talks about doing these things, but ends up coming up with some excuse as to why she can’t do it. We’ve learned that she would like to get her GED and then pursue cosmetology school. Things aren’t looking too promising for her this season.

From the previews for the next episode, it looks like Amber is still struggling to get her GED. I don’t get it. How does this girl still not have her GED? My guess is because she is lazy! Getting her GED is not something that is appealing to her, so she doesn’t want to do it. She works at a tanning salon, has a baby, and constantly fights with her “Gary.” I’m sure studying for her GED is the last thing she wants to do.

As most of us know by now, Amber has lost a significant amount of weight. She claims that she did this through martial arts. I have a hard time believing this. For one, Amber does not stick with anything she starts. She doesn’t look to have the discipline needed to do martial arts. Next. Where in the world did she find the time, and if she did find the time, why was she busy taking martial arts classes and not studying for her GED? The girl is just so incredibly selfish.

Amber has recently said that she no longer wishes to go to cosmetology school. She now wishes to become a martial arts instructor. Apparently, her weight loss has inspired her and she really wants to do something she loves. I think this is a load of crap.

I know we’re only 5 episodes into the season, but we haven’t once heard Amber talking about wanting to lose weight, exercising, or her love/passion for martial arts. I don’t know how Amber lost all the weight she did, but I can bet that it wasn’t because of her martial arts classes.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

MTV's Farrah Abraham Graces the Cover of US Weekly

MTV’s Farrah Abraham is in the latest issue of US Weekly magazine talking about the death of her ex-boyfriend, Derek Underwood. This is the problem I have with Teen Mom. MTV has made these girls celebrities. While they’re no Angelina Jolie, they are still gracing the cover of magazines. There are some girls that idolize these teen moms and think that having a baby at 16 is the “cool thing” to do. Magazine’s doing stories on them is only saying “hey girls, get pregnant at 16 and you’ll get famous.”

Now for the article... Farrah basically blabs about the same thing she has been saying the whole season, which is how great of a guy Derek was. She states that he would have taken great care of her and Sophia. This is where I have a problem. Derek never even knew about Sophia, and there were no plans to tell him. He and Farrah were not on speaking terms when he died, so I really doubt that he would have been in a relationship with Farrah once Sophia was born. I mean, come on, we all see how Farrah has treated people. She’s not exactly relationship material. To be honest, I think she may just be playing the boyfriend card because it’s something she can say to make people feel sorry for her. I’m sure she was also compensated for her story in US Weekly.

She does mention that the relationship between her and Debra is getting better. They both are going to counseling and have moved past the incident. She is now speaking to her parents daily and they are once again active in Sophia’s life.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Teen Mom: Secrets & Lies Episode Recap

Amber, Gary, and Booger arrive home from their Florida vacay and Amber’s already raving about the proposal. Gary complains that the apartment smells. We later find out that there was still water in the tub from Leah’s last bath. Yuck! The camera then gives us a couple shots of various rooms in their home to show us what slobs they are.

Maci’s off to pick up Bentley from Ryan’s parents to take a 2 hour trip to Nashville for a sleep-over with friends. Should a baby really be at a college sleep-over? Maci tells her friends that Bentley will meet Kyle tomorrow. She’s pretty confident that the two will like each other, and he’ll be good with Bentley.

Farrah and Sophia celebrate Easter by themselves. Farrah even puts together a little Easter egg hunt for Sophia. I’m impressed. We get a couple LOL worthy shots of Debra doing her community service as Farrah states that she hasn’t spoken to her mom since the plea bargain. Farrah’s friend comes over to help her clean up the mess from Sophia’s Easter egg hunt and Farrah get’s the curtains stuck in the vacuum. Yikes. She then let’s us know that she’s paying rent, but doesn’t know where to sign a check. Seriously?

Catelynn and Tyler meet up to talk about Catelynn’s phone records. She drops the bomb that she attempted to call her ex six times, but only talked to him twice. Should she really be in a relationship if she’s reaching out to her ex like this? Tyler is peeved and wants the phone records. He then lectures her, and Catelynn starts crying. Tyler starts yelling when she brings Carly into the mix. These two are proving more and more that they should not be together.

Gary dresses up as the Easter Bunny for little Leah. Leah was not interested. Amber then starts talking about how weird it is that she’s a mom now and is buying Easter stuff for Leah. She then goes on to say that if she didn’t have Leah, she’d still expect her mom to buy her Easter stuff. Really? How old is she again?

Farrah wants to upgrade her car, so she is listing her car for sale online. Wasn’t she just complaining about her financial situation?

Catelynn texts Tyler about the status of their relationship. Tyler lets her know that they’re on a break because her presence disgusts him. Ouch! Catelynn calls her counselor to vent about the Tyler situation. Poor girl. Does she not have any friends she can talk to about this kind of stuff?

Kyle comes by to meet Bentley. Bentley’s shy and hides behind a couch at first, but Bentley warms up once Kyle shows a little interest.

Gary and Amber head to Gary’s parent to celebrate Easter. They let Gary’s parents know they’re engaged... for the third time. There wasn’t much of a reaction. Amber confesses she wants to have the wedding in Florida on the beach and that they’re willing to help pay for Gary’s parents to come out. How are they going to do this in their financial situation? Weddings are not cheap either. We then find out Amber’s definition of “help” is having Gary’s family crash at Amber’s uncles house. Things get a little heated when Gary’s parents think that they’ll be staying with Amber’s parent’s (whom they don’t get along with). Amber really has a hard time getting along with anyone. She get’s so upset that she leaves during dinner. Dramatic much?

Farrah sells her car for a total $5000, but the guy paid an extra $3000 to have it shipped.

Catelynn is nervous about meeting Tyler tomorrow at the adoption agency, and confides in her mom.

Amber walked all the way from Easter dinner at Gary’s. Gary calls her (as soon as she gets home) and demands her to come back to his mom’s house. He threatens to break up with Amber if she doesn’t come back and solve the problem with his parents. He then threatens to keep Leah from her. Doesn’t he know that threats won’t get you anywhere? Amber surprisingly doesn’t care about the break up. Funny since she was in tears a couple episodes ago because Gary wouldn’t commit. They take a couple jabs at each others parenting and that’s it. The engagement is off. That lasted all of what... a few days? That’s what happens when you force things. Gary packs his and Leah’s things and leaves to go back and stay with his parents.

Kyle and Maci take Bentley to ride go carts. Is this even safe? Bentley doesn’t like the go cart ride and I’m not suprised. Kyle tells Maci that he doesn’t want them to leave and he even asks to hold Bentley. It seems like he really cares about both of them.

Farrah finds a car to buy, and takes her old car to get detailed so she can ship it to the buyer. While at the detailer, Farrah and her friend must make Sophia a diaper out of towels and toilet paper. Farrah calls the bank to make sure the check from the buyer cleared and it turns out that the check was returned. Uh-oh.

Tyler picks Catelynn up for their meeting with Dawn. They brought Carly Easter baskets to be shipped to her and they got new pictures of Carly. Dawn asks them how they are as a couple, and they kind of avoid the question. Tyler drops Catelynn back off at home and refuses to hug her. This really hurts her feelings, and he speeds off. He talks with his mom about the Catelynn situation when he gets home. His mom questions his happiness with Catelynn. She then concludes that his problems are the issues with himself and he takes that out on Catelynn. Tyler then apologizes to Catelynn in a text message. How romantic.

Gary and Leah arrive back at home the next morning. Gary apologizes to Amber for what happened at his parent’s house. She never once apologizes to Gary for how she acted, instead she sits there and lectures him about everything he did wrong. Amber wants Gary to change, and she turns on the waterworks again. She really does need counseling.

Farrah is upset because she wired $3000 to the person who bought her car for shipping and it was all just a scam. She talks with the bank and the money transfer service she used about how to get her money back. It turns out the buyer had already picked up the transfer, so there was nothing they could do. She would have to call him herself. Sophia’s being fussy while Farrah is trying to deal with this fiasco and is getting upset with Sophia. She walks away to go talk on the phone and Sophia falls off the bed. She really has to learn to be more attentive.

Maci teaches Kyle to change Bentley’s diaper. They talk about their relationship and him having to be there for both her and Bentley.

Farrah’s friend comes over for another venting session. She tells her that she is out the three grand that she sent the buyer for shipping and she ends up crying again. It’s understandable.

Catelynn meets with Tyler to give him her phone records. He tells her that he doesn’t want them because he wants to start over and trust her again. Aw. They’re back on good terms and the episode ends with them throwing the phone records in the river.

Teen Mom: The After Show (Episode 4)

Amber: The camera pans in on all 4 of the ladies sitting on the couch and Amber looks extremely unhappy. She is also very quiet when she speaks. That’s a first. She does realize how awkward the whole proposal scene looked to viewers, but she once again blames it on Gary. Can she ever do wrong? She even admits to wanting to say no to Gary’s proposal. What! After she AND her family sat there bugging him about it everyday. This just makes me not like her even more. She feels her family pressured Gary into proposing. Amber did as well, but of course she doesn’t mention that. She then says she was pressured to say yes. In no way did I ever see Gary pressure Amber into marrying him. He was doing the exact opposite. What planet does she live on? I did notice that she is not wearing an engagement ring. Is the wedding off? I wouldn’t be surprised.

Catelynn: Catelynn really feels guilty for causing Tyler pain over her lying. I really think that Tyler has taken this whole issue too far. They are 17 years old. He can’t really expect her to act like a married 30 year old woman. I applaud Catelynn for even telling Tyler. Most 17 year olds wouldn’t tell their boyfriend about talking to an ex-boyfriend again.

Maci: She’s pretty boring this season. She addresses the whole pacifier and co-parenting thing. I think it’s going to be hard for Maci and Ryan to co-parent because of the fact that there is little communication between the two.

Farrah: I think it’s good that Farrah is grieving and addressing her grief. However, I don’t buy for a second that she still would want to be with Derek if he were alive. I certainly have not forgotten the way she treated him in her episode of 16 & Pregnant. Who knows if Derek would even know he had a child if he were still alive. It just seems like another excuse from Farrah.
Farrah says she would have moved out even if the incident with her mom never happened. I don’t buy that either. She stayed with her parents because they financially supported her, and most likely would have continued to do so until something like this happened.
I do have to give the girl some credit for realizing that she does take her anger out on whoever happens to be with her at the time. Farrah even suggests counseling to a girl in the audience that is in a similar situation. Thinks are starting to look up.

On this episode, every girl admits to wanting the fairy tale and wanting to stay with the father of their babies because they want their children to be happy. What good does it do for your child to see you constantly fight and be unhappy? It’s better for the couple to split, then to raise a child in that environment.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

17 And In Couples Therapy

A bonus clip from the show, Teen Mom takes us to individual counseling sessions with Tyler and Catelynn. Catelynn says that she doesn’t like Ty throwing her lying in her face and it gets overwhelming at times. Tyler is upset because he thinks that Catelynn would cheat on him with her ex. Tyler says he trusts nothing that comes out of her mouth, and the only way he can trust her again is by going through her phone records.

Where do I even start with these two? First off, I do not think that Tyler and Catelynn should be in a relationship right now. They both are still hurting from the adoption of their child. Catelynn is keeping secrets. Tyler says he has lost all trust in Catelynn. How can you have a relationship when you lie, when you don’t communicate, and when there’s no trust? They are 17 years old. There is no need for couples counseling. They should be taking a break from one another instead. I think they feel like they must stay together because they had a child together, and because they are both doing a TV show that focuses on their relationship as a couple. I’m sure it doesn’t help to continuously have to talk about giving up your child for adoption when all you want to do is try to move on.

Tyler asking for Catelynn’s phone records is controlling and ridiculous, especially when he has said that it may not even do any good. If Ty is having this much trouble with trusting Catelynn, he seriously just needs to walk away. His actions even make me think that maybe they are really broken up, but are just pretending to still be together for the show.

I’ll say it again, I really don’t think Ty and Catelynn should be in couples counseling at 17 years old. I think what they really need is to walk away from this show and take some time for them. They need to focus on what is left of their teenage years and try to move on from the adoption. Rumor has it that this is the last season with this cast for Teen Mom. I really hope there is truth to that rumor.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Did Farrah Abraham’s Dad Beat Up Ex-Boyfriend, Derek Underwood?

Woah! There is a rumor flying around that Farrah’s dad, Michael beat up Derek Underwood twice after finding the two in bed together. If that’s the case, I clearly understand Farrah’s dislike for her father. She really was raised by two psychos. There are police reports from when Michael assaulted Derek, so I’m sure they will surface soon. It’s said that Michael didn’t have to face a judge because Derek passed away. This is all just too crazy, especially the fact that he was able to get away with it. The Michael we see on TV looks so loving. He even puts up with his cold-hearted wife. I guess this means the two are a perfect match. I really hope that Farrah learns from her parent’s mistakes, and never turns to violence in order to solve problems in the future.

Amber and Gary’s Parenting... or Lack Thereof

One thing I really want to touch on is Amber and Gary’s parenting. I’m so tempted to send them every single piece of parenting material on this planet. I also recommend that both she and Gary take parenting classes. They really don’t have a clue. I’m so tired of hearing Amber complain about being a mom. This coming from the same girl who just had another pregnancy scare this season. She really needs to learn the meaning of responsibility.

One thing I can’t stand is when parents let their child go into a store and the child starts pulling things off shelves and making a mess. Amber didn’t even punish Leah when she finally noticed what Leah did to the store. There was even a scene that looked like Leah may have been eating something off of the floor. Yuck! Amber and Gary go back to talking and Leah starts to go behind the counter. She’s lucky that one of the employees didn’t say anything to Amber about it. I don’t blame Leah. She’s only a baby, but she acts the way that she does because her parents don’t enforce punishment when she does something wrong. Fast forward to the beach scene and we have a very cranky Leah. Instead of dealing with the situation, Gary and Amber think it would be best to just drag her back to the car on a towel. That poor child.

They are by far the worst parent’s on the show. I would even go as far to say that Amber is on the same level as Jenelle from 16 & Pregnant, season 2. If anyone needs counseling, it is Amber! She needs to learn how to properly deal with her anger. No wonder Gary didn’t want to commit. Who would want to marry someone that treats the people she loves like crap? I still think that Gary didn’t want to propose to Amber, but she really didn’t leave him with much of a choice. Amber has not changed at all since last season. I doubt she ever will.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Teen Mom, Season 2, Episode 4: Spring Break Recap

Ryan has got Bentley for the weekend and Maci’s dishing on her night with her new boy, Kyle. We learn that Ryan’s new girl is a party, attention seeking whore... oh ya, with fake boobs. Maci is completely fine with Ryan moving on.

Amber’s seen carrying a naked Leah and changing her diaper, while chanting, “please don’t pee on me.” Amber makes her way to her part time job at tanning salon to help pay some bills. After work, Leah, Gary and Amber go to a candy shop, where Leah proceeds to pull things off shelves and walk behind the register. At the end of the scene, Amber calls Leah a “crazy ass.” Nice parenting, Amber!

Farrah is stressing about paying the bills. She gets help with childcare from the state (which will be up in August because she makes too much money), but must rely on her job at the pizza shop for all other expenses. Don’t forget about the compensation and free things you receive for doing Teen Mom. Farrah makes friends with another single mom at her job. Hopefully, she’ll be a good influence.

Catelynn and Tyler are celebrating her birthday at the roller rink. Tyler is still not over Catelynn lying and is acting very distant. He wants to do couples counseling in hopes that it will help their relationship and Catelynn agrees.

Maci picks up Bentley from Ryan’s house and confronts him about his girlfriend being around Bentley. Ryan admits that he asked his girlfriend to stay in the car, but that she’s a good girl and is good with Bentley. Maci still wants to meet her.

Catelynn confides in her mom that her and Tyler almost broke up again last night and they agreed to see a counselor.

Gary, Leah, and Amber are off to Florida for vacation. 16 hour car ride with Amber... yikes! They pick up her dad on the way. Amber is already getting frustrated with Leah and they’re just getting on the road. They learn that traveling with a baby is not easy and it’s causing Gary and Amber to snap at each other. They arrive in FL and go to dinner to meet Amber’s family. Amber’s dad makes the comment that he can tell Amber and Gary are doing good. Um... what dictionary is he using? Amber again brings up the topic of getting engaged and Amber’s dad even encourages it, giving him tips on where to propose while they’re in FL. Gary is still apprehensive. They really should stop pressuring him.

Maci is trying to wean Bentley from his pacifier, but he is not happy about it. While Bentley naps, Maci and a friend discuss Kyle and Maci’s decision to wait for Bentley to meet Kyle.

Farrah is meeting with the prosecutor to discuss her mothers case. He lets her know that she has been offered a deal and is not facing jail time. Debra accepts the misdemeanor, but is upset she will have a record of domestic violence when she claims she was just trying to defend herself. Save it Deb! The ice queen then proceeds to cry about losing her family. Karma?

Maci meets with Ryan to let him have Bentley for the day and lets him know that she is trying to do away with the paci. She is worried that Ryan will give in and give Bentley his pacifier.

Ty and Catelynn meet with a couples counselor and discuss their issues with trust and communication. Tyler wants to learn to forgive and forget, but is still upset that they are 17 and already need counseling.

Leah, Gary, and Amber make their way to the beach and Leah has a mini meltdown because she is afraid of the sand... and the water. Leah is really fussy, so Amber decides it’s best to drag her back to the car on a towel. Amber’s family agrees to babysit Leah so they can have some alone time at the pier.

Farrah meets with her mom and they discuss how Farrah’s been doing. Debra lets her know her decision about the case and that she wishes to be a family with Farrah and Sophia again once everything is said and done. She even brought along Farrah’s baby book. How sweet. Debra get’s emotional when telling Farrah about her first impression of her. Farrah still has her walls up and gets defensive as usual. I thought she wanted to change. Farrah lets her mom know that she doesn’t really want to have a relationship with her mom and Debra tells her to have a nice life.

Catelynn and Tyler continue to talk about her lying and how hurt he is. This is really starting to get old. Catelynn gets emotional and apologizes again. Tyler wants Catelynn’s phone records.

Ryan and Kathryn (Ryan’s new girlfriend) are waiting for Maci to pick up Bentley. They discuss how Maci felt when Kathryn didn’t introduce herself the other night. We then get a shot of Bentley’s pacifier on the ground and Bentley ends up hitting his mouth on a coffee table while trying to get it. Bentley is clearly upset about his mouth, but Kathryn has no problem giving Bentley his pacifier to calm him down. Maci arrives to find Bentley napping with a pacifier. There is no formal introduction between Kathryn and Maci (a lot of dirty looks), but Kathryn does tell Maci that Bentley hit his mouth. Kathryn questions why Ryan didn’t introduce them, and Ryan responds with “I don’t know.”

Farrah meets with a friend to go out after work. Farrah and her friend order some drinks and then discuss how Farrah is a “playa” and a “pimp.” Wow. Seriously? They then talk about Farrah’s standards for men and potential dads for Sophia. Farrah gets emotional as she talks about what could have been with Sophia’s dad.

Kyle comes for a surprise visit. They discuss Ryan and his girlfriend and she says she feels better after meeting Kathryn. She’s really falling for Kyle and contemplates if she should allow him to meet Bentley yet.

Amber and Gary go to the beach for their last day in Florida and he brings up the subject of marriage. He proposes to Amber with a ring that she has already owned and she bought herself. This girl is really desperate. He also had to propose a couple times to meet Amber’s standards. She really is something else. They even get into a little fight while he is trying to propose, but it’s official, Amber and Gary are engaged.

Monday, August 9, 2010

MTV's Farrah Abraham Opens Up About Passing Of Ex-boyfriend

I know many people have a negative opinion of Farrah Abraham. She is extremely disrespectful to her parents, and cared more about partying and trying to find a man than being a parent to her daughter. With that said, I do kind of feel bad for her. Viewers can see that she has an extremely bad relationship with her mother, and I’m not sure where all the hate for her father comes from. I don’t know Farrah personally, so it’s hard to know what her relationship was like with her parents before she was pregnant. I know most parents are not going to jump for joy when their 16 year old comes home and says that she is pregnant. However, I do think that parents should try to be supportive of their children and not call them whores like Farrah’s mother did. From what Farrah has said, it seems like Farrah’s pregnancy is what started the gross relationship with her mother, or at least made their relationship worse.

Farrah finally opens up about the child of her father, Derek Underwood passing away in the last episode. Anyone watching can see that this is not easy for Farrah to talk about, and that she is still really hurting. I can’t imagine having someone’s child and the father passing away before I was able to be allowed to him about her. Debra was wrong in saying that Farrah was not allowed to tell the father about Sophia. What even gives her the right to make those decisions? I understand wanting to protect your child, but I really feel like she took it too far. We find out that after Debra learns of his passing, she says that it’s good that it happened. What! This lady clearly has a very cold heart. I think that Farrah seeing a therapist to talk about her anger and grief is an excellent thing. I doubt that the relationship between Debra and Farrah can change until Debra seeks therapy for all of the problems she has. I’m no doctor, but I think Debra may even have some substance abuse problems going on as well. Do I think Debra will get help? No. I think Debra thinks that she has done nothing wrong. Even Farrah says that her mom tries to pretend things of the past never even happened. This is not healthy. Debra will only end up hurting the one she cares most about in the end. Debra neglecting Farrah’s feelings will only drive Farrah and Sophia away.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Teen Mom, Season 2, Episode 3: Valentine’s Day Recap

We start out in Maci’s kitchen and the topic is Valentine’s Day and boys. Her friends are pressuring her to start dating again, but Maci seems a little insecure about her flirting skills. Her friends take the reigns and role play with her to help her practice her flirting. They even get Bentley involved, but he is not having it. The girls get ready and leave for the club.

Amber and a friend are shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts. She is still insecure about Gary and the previous girl that he had gone on the date with. She states that she wants to get married, and her friend says not to push it. If only she would listen to her friends advice. They leave the gift shop with a “key to her heart” for Gary.

It’s moving day for Catelynn, her mom, Butch, and her little brother. Her mom walks in the room and they talk about Catelynn and Tyler’s relationship and how it has gotten a little better. She admits that she needs to open up more and says that Tyler shouldn’t want to know every little detail about her past. Is Catelynn’s mom really the best person to be talking to about relationships?

The state has charged Farrah’s mom with assault and Farrah does not want her to go to jail. Is this a step in the right direction? Let’s hope so! Farrah’s mom calls and they get into a yelling fest. What else is new? Does it bother anyone else that Farrah’s mom calls Sophia “Baby” all the time? Sophia is shown getting into what looks like “Comet.” She then proceeds to turn the hot water on and burn her hand while left unattended. She really needs to invest in baby proofing that apartment. Farrah’s friend comes over and Farrah says that she wants to go to therapy in hopes of not acting like her mom when she gets angry. Let’s hope she learns to be respectful as well.

Maci gets a call from an old friend, Kyle. Apparently they hung out a lot before she and Ryan started dating. She bluntly tells him that she and Ryan are over and then she hangs up to go to class. Maci says she doesn’t have time for a boyfriend.

Tyler is talking to his mom about Valentine’s Day ideas and he says he wants to get a hotel room and “be romantic.” His mom was not thrilled at the idea and quickly puts her foot down. She wants him to focus on being a teenager.

Gary comes over to exchange Valentine’s Day gifts with his girls. He got amber flowers, a stuffed bear, and a bracelet. Amber is shocked that Gary got her a bracelet and she starts crying. I always feel like Gary treats Amber so much better than she treats him.

Tyler bought a car takes Catelynn ice skating to celebrate Valentine’s Day. He got Catelynn beautiful flowers and she got him a card. She may have gotten him something else, but they didn’t show it.

Farrah drops Sophia off at the sitters and heads to her therapist. She says that her mom stresses her out a lot. Farrah thinks her parents treat her badly because she got pregnant. She confesses that her mom called her a whore and then starts talking about her ex-boyfriend, Sophia’s dad. Her parent’s did not want her to tell the boyfriend about Sophia and he passed away not even knowing he had a daughter. How selfish of her parents! Farrah breaks down and says she can’t talk about it anymore. She realizes that she shouldn’t shut her parents out completely because of the way they act. Yay! Steps in the right direction.

Catelynn and Tyler are shown ice skatingTy confesses that he feels guilty for doing things and having fun since he is a dad now. Tyler then makes a comment about Catelynn lying to him about her past and he is clearly still upset about it.

Ryan comes to drop Bentley off and has a girl in his truck. The girl never even got out to introduce herself. Maci is not happy! She calls her friend to vent about how upset she is that she is around Bentley and Maci doesn’t even know her. Totally understandable.

Gary and Amber are out to dinner and once again, Amber is snapping at people. She gets upset with Leah for fussing and it’s down hill from there. Amber states that she wants Gary to propose and Gary doesn’t feel the same way at the moment. He tries to change the subject, but it’s too late. Amber has a melt down in front the entire restaurant. Classy, right? Now they’re in the car and once again, Amber is screaming at Gary. Can she ever communicate without yelling? Gary says that he’s stupid for believing that Amber has changed. Amber protests (still screaming) that she has changed and that she treats him nicely. What planet is she living on? Amber blames their problems on Gary. It all boils down to the fact that Gary will not propose at this very second. Gary states that he leaving and getting his own place.

Farrah gets a call from her dad and he asks for the whole family to get together for Sophia’s birthday. Farrah puts her anger aside and says that it’s fine for her mom to come to dinner. She takes Sophia to get a pedicure.

Tyler and Catelynn meet with their adoption agent for Tyler to get some help with him feeling guilty because of Carly. The agent gives him the number of another dad who has given his child up for adoption so that he can have someone to talk to who can relate to him.

Gary is leaving the apartment and Amber is really upset that he’s moving out. She is still screaming and won’t even let him get a word in. She starts crying and Gary finally has a chance to talk. She says she wants a ring on her finger so that she knows that Gary will not leave her again. They settle on making a ring she already owns a promise ring to make her feel more secure.

Tyler calls the guy that Dawn set him up with and they talk about giving their children up for adoption. It seemed to help Tyler.

Maci tells her mom about Ryan’s girlfriend being in the car when Bentley was dropped off. Her mom tells her to get used to it and not to bring every single guy or girl into Bentley’s life. She goes upstairs and calls Kyle. She’s making a trip to go see him. That was fast!

It’s time for the big dinner. Things start off pretty well. They talk about what they did for Sophia’s birthday. Farrah’s mom is talking in that annoying baby voice and tries to get Sophia to color. They talk about how much they miss Sophia. Farrah’s mom is concerned that they did not order anything for Sophia to eat, even though Farrah stated that Sophia just ate. Farrah tries to read Sophia her card and her parents interrupt her several times. It’s like they don’t even hear her. Farrah gives up and finally gets a chance to read her the card when they get home and they’re alone.

Maci goes to Nashville to see Kyle and friends. They all leave for a club and there is some flirting between Kyle and Maci on the way there. The episode ends with them kissing.

Amber Portwood: “I Lost 65 Pounds”

Long time, no post. Let’s jump right into this one. Wow. Numerous media outlets are doing stories about Amber Portwood of MTV’s Teen Mom losing 65 pounds. As I mentioned in a previous post, Amber had claimed she lost weight by doing Krav Maga. I did a little research and this is a legitimate way to help loose a lot of weight. However, there are now people speculating that Amber lost all the weight through prescription drugs, or that she may have an eating disorder. Let’s take a look at what Amber looks like now.

That picture was taken at the Teen Mom 2 Reunion. Amber is 5'4" and now weighs 118 pounds. I will be completely honest and say that I didn’t even recognize her. For one, her hair is a couple shades lighter. She also has eased up on the amount of black eyeliner. She is a lot thinner. The thinnest I’ve ever seen her. Now, I don’t know Amber personally, so I have no clue what she looked like before having Leah, but I do think she has lost a lot of weight in what seems like a short period of time. I really hope that she is doing it the right way. I know that being on TV and in the spotlight can have a negative effect on the way a girl feels about her body. People can be very mean. Girls end up feeling like the only way to make the mean words stop is to altar their body. Just look at what Heidi Montag has done to herself. It should be interesting to see Amber’s weight loss transformation play out during the rest of the season of Teen Mom.