Sunday, August 8, 2010

Teen Mom, Season 2, Episode 3: Valentine’s Day Recap

We start out in Maci’s kitchen and the topic is Valentine’s Day and boys. Her friends are pressuring her to start dating again, but Maci seems a little insecure about her flirting skills. Her friends take the reigns and role play with her to help her practice her flirting. They even get Bentley involved, but he is not having it. The girls get ready and leave for the club.

Amber and a friend are shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts. She is still insecure about Gary and the previous girl that he had gone on the date with. She states that she wants to get married, and her friend says not to push it. If only she would listen to her friends advice. They leave the gift shop with a “key to her heart” for Gary.

It’s moving day for Catelynn, her mom, Butch, and her little brother. Her mom walks in the room and they talk about Catelynn and Tyler’s relationship and how it has gotten a little better. She admits that she needs to open up more and says that Tyler shouldn’t want to know every little detail about her past. Is Catelynn’s mom really the best person to be talking to about relationships?

The state has charged Farrah’s mom with assault and Farrah does not want her to go to jail. Is this a step in the right direction? Let’s hope so! Farrah’s mom calls and they get into a yelling fest. What else is new? Does it bother anyone else that Farrah’s mom calls Sophia “Baby” all the time? Sophia is shown getting into what looks like “Comet.” She then proceeds to turn the hot water on and burn her hand while left unattended. She really needs to invest in baby proofing that apartment. Farrah’s friend comes over and Farrah says that she wants to go to therapy in hopes of not acting like her mom when she gets angry. Let’s hope she learns to be respectful as well.

Maci gets a call from an old friend, Kyle. Apparently they hung out a lot before she and Ryan started dating. She bluntly tells him that she and Ryan are over and then she hangs up to go to class. Maci says she doesn’t have time for a boyfriend.

Tyler is talking to his mom about Valentine’s Day ideas and he says he wants to get a hotel room and “be romantic.” His mom was not thrilled at the idea and quickly puts her foot down. She wants him to focus on being a teenager.

Gary comes over to exchange Valentine’s Day gifts with his girls. He got amber flowers, a stuffed bear, and a bracelet. Amber is shocked that Gary got her a bracelet and she starts crying. I always feel like Gary treats Amber so much better than she treats him.

Tyler bought a car takes Catelynn ice skating to celebrate Valentine’s Day. He got Catelynn beautiful flowers and she got him a card. She may have gotten him something else, but they didn’t show it.

Farrah drops Sophia off at the sitters and heads to her therapist. She says that her mom stresses her out a lot. Farrah thinks her parents treat her badly because she got pregnant. She confesses that her mom called her a whore and then starts talking about her ex-boyfriend, Sophia’s dad. Her parent’s did not want her to tell the boyfriend about Sophia and he passed away not even knowing he had a daughter. How selfish of her parents! Farrah breaks down and says she can’t talk about it anymore. She realizes that she shouldn’t shut her parents out completely because of the way they act. Yay! Steps in the right direction.

Catelynn and Tyler are shown ice skatingTy confesses that he feels guilty for doing things and having fun since he is a dad now. Tyler then makes a comment about Catelynn lying to him about her past and he is clearly still upset about it.

Ryan comes to drop Bentley off and has a girl in his truck. The girl never even got out to introduce herself. Maci is not happy! She calls her friend to vent about how upset she is that she is around Bentley and Maci doesn’t even know her. Totally understandable.

Gary and Amber are out to dinner and once again, Amber is snapping at people. She gets upset with Leah for fussing and it’s down hill from there. Amber states that she wants Gary to propose and Gary doesn’t feel the same way at the moment. He tries to change the subject, but it’s too late. Amber has a melt down in front the entire restaurant. Classy, right? Now they’re in the car and once again, Amber is screaming at Gary. Can she ever communicate without yelling? Gary says that he’s stupid for believing that Amber has changed. Amber protests (still screaming) that she has changed and that she treats him nicely. What planet is she living on? Amber blames their problems on Gary. It all boils down to the fact that Gary will not propose at this very second. Gary states that he leaving and getting his own place.

Farrah gets a call from her dad and he asks for the whole family to get together for Sophia’s birthday. Farrah puts her anger aside and says that it’s fine for her mom to come to dinner. She takes Sophia to get a pedicure.

Tyler and Catelynn meet with their adoption agent for Tyler to get some help with him feeling guilty because of Carly. The agent gives him the number of another dad who has given his child up for adoption so that he can have someone to talk to who can relate to him.

Gary is leaving the apartment and Amber is really upset that he’s moving out. She is still screaming and won’t even let him get a word in. She starts crying and Gary finally has a chance to talk. She says she wants a ring on her finger so that she knows that Gary will not leave her again. They settle on making a ring she already owns a promise ring to make her feel more secure.

Tyler calls the guy that Dawn set him up with and they talk about giving their children up for adoption. It seemed to help Tyler.

Maci tells her mom about Ryan’s girlfriend being in the car when Bentley was dropped off. Her mom tells her to get used to it and not to bring every single guy or girl into Bentley’s life. She goes upstairs and calls Kyle. She’s making a trip to go see him. That was fast!

It’s time for the big dinner. Things start off pretty well. They talk about what they did for Sophia’s birthday. Farrah’s mom is talking in that annoying baby voice and tries to get Sophia to color. They talk about how much they miss Sophia. Farrah’s mom is concerned that they did not order anything for Sophia to eat, even though Farrah stated that Sophia just ate. Farrah tries to read Sophia her card and her parents interrupt her several times. It’s like they don’t even hear her. Farrah gives up and finally gets a chance to read her the card when they get home and they’re alone.

Maci goes to Nashville to see Kyle and friends. They all leave for a club and there is some flirting between Kyle and Maci on the way there. The episode ends with them kissing.

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