Thursday, August 12, 2010

17 And In Couples Therapy

A bonus clip from the show, Teen Mom takes us to individual counseling sessions with Tyler and Catelynn. Catelynn says that she doesn’t like Ty throwing her lying in her face and it gets overwhelming at times. Tyler is upset because he thinks that Catelynn would cheat on him with her ex. Tyler says he trusts nothing that comes out of her mouth, and the only way he can trust her again is by going through her phone records.

Where do I even start with these two? First off, I do not think that Tyler and Catelynn should be in a relationship right now. They both are still hurting from the adoption of their child. Catelynn is keeping secrets. Tyler says he has lost all trust in Catelynn. How can you have a relationship when you lie, when you don’t communicate, and when there’s no trust? They are 17 years old. There is no need for couples counseling. They should be taking a break from one another instead. I think they feel like they must stay together because they had a child together, and because they are both doing a TV show that focuses on their relationship as a couple. I’m sure it doesn’t help to continuously have to talk about giving up your child for adoption when all you want to do is try to move on.

Tyler asking for Catelynn’s phone records is controlling and ridiculous, especially when he has said that it may not even do any good. If Ty is having this much trouble with trusting Catelynn, he seriously just needs to walk away. His actions even make me think that maybe they are really broken up, but are just pretending to still be together for the show.

I’ll say it again, I really don’t think Ty and Catelynn should be in couples counseling at 17 years old. I think what they really need is to walk away from this show and take some time for them. They need to focus on what is left of their teenage years and try to move on from the adoption. Rumor has it that this is the last season with this cast for Teen Mom. I really hope there is truth to that rumor.

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  1. I go back and forth on how I eel about Catelyn and Tyler being in couples counseling. While I agree that it is ridiculous for them to put so much importance on their relationship, as someone who has really had their life saved by it i am always in favor of counseling. I believe that while they should be willing to take a break they would probably be well served to take counseling together anyway. Couple's counseling isn't really about saving a relationship so much as it is about changing the way people interact with and think about each other.