Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Amber and Gary’s Parenting... or Lack Thereof

One thing I really want to touch on is Amber and Gary’s parenting. I’m so tempted to send them every single piece of parenting material on this planet. I also recommend that both she and Gary take parenting classes. They really don’t have a clue. I’m so tired of hearing Amber complain about being a mom. This coming from the same girl who just had another pregnancy scare this season. She really needs to learn the meaning of responsibility.

One thing I can’t stand is when parents let their child go into a store and the child starts pulling things off shelves and making a mess. Amber didn’t even punish Leah when she finally noticed what Leah did to the store. There was even a scene that looked like Leah may have been eating something off of the floor. Yuck! Amber and Gary go back to talking and Leah starts to go behind the counter. She’s lucky that one of the employees didn’t say anything to Amber about it. I don’t blame Leah. She’s only a baby, but she acts the way that she does because her parents don’t enforce punishment when she does something wrong. Fast forward to the beach scene and we have a very cranky Leah. Instead of dealing with the situation, Gary and Amber think it would be best to just drag her back to the car on a towel. That poor child.

They are by far the worst parent’s on the show. I would even go as far to say that Amber is on the same level as Jenelle from 16 & Pregnant, season 2. If anyone needs counseling, it is Amber! She needs to learn how to properly deal with her anger. No wonder Gary didn’t want to commit. Who would want to marry someone that treats the people she loves like crap? I still think that Gary didn’t want to propose to Amber, but she really didn’t leave him with much of a choice. Amber has not changed at all since last season. I doubt she ever will.


  1. Yes, Amber and Gary aren't the best people in the world. But honestly, who are you to judge their parenting skills? What would you rather have them do....scream at Leah in the middle of the store and smack her? Like those white trash parents? She's a baby dumb ass! She's not going to listen, you can't discipline a BABY! It is disgusting when others judge parents without even being one themselves. Experience life, then judge. How about blogging about a topic you have knowledge about hun?

    <3 Teresa

  2. Hey Teresa, how about you realize that this is HER blog and that you CHOOSE to read her OPINIONS? And I can tell you as a parent myself that it is 100% possible to discipline a baby. From day one, your job as a parent is to set rules and boundaries that will protect your child. This will also show your child how to function in society in a positive way. You need realize that Amber is a low life who will blame everyone (including her own daughter) for her mistakes. She also needs to quit thinking that she is above the law and realize that hitting another person is illegal.

  3. Discipline means setting boundaries. It's classic conditioning. If a cat can be trained to walk a tightrope (and they can, just look it up on youtube) a baby can be trained to not touch things. Not that children are animals. My point is that responsible sane adults simply need to step up and take care of those they are supposed to protect.

  4. Parents, however young or old they are, are definitely responsible in teaching their kids good values. But it would be a problem if the parents do not have good values themselves. Amber and Gary should find ways to correctly deal with their children and learn good parenting skills. It's not too late to learn about it, I'm sure they can learn from other young but responsible parents too.