Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Teen Mom, Season 2, Episode 4: Spring Break Recap

Ryan has got Bentley for the weekend and Maci’s dishing on her night with her new boy, Kyle. We learn that Ryan’s new girl is a party, attention seeking whore... oh ya, with fake boobs. Maci is completely fine with Ryan moving on.

Amber’s seen carrying a naked Leah and changing her diaper, while chanting, “please don’t pee on me.” Amber makes her way to her part time job at tanning salon to help pay some bills. After work, Leah, Gary and Amber go to a candy shop, where Leah proceeds to pull things off shelves and walk behind the register. At the end of the scene, Amber calls Leah a “crazy ass.” Nice parenting, Amber!

Farrah is stressing about paying the bills. She gets help with childcare from the state (which will be up in August because she makes too much money), but must rely on her job at the pizza shop for all other expenses. Don’t forget about the compensation and free things you receive for doing Teen Mom. Farrah makes friends with another single mom at her job. Hopefully, she’ll be a good influence.

Catelynn and Tyler are celebrating her birthday at the roller rink. Tyler is still not over Catelynn lying and is acting very distant. He wants to do couples counseling in hopes that it will help their relationship and Catelynn agrees.

Maci picks up Bentley from Ryan’s house and confronts him about his girlfriend being around Bentley. Ryan admits that he asked his girlfriend to stay in the car, but that she’s a good girl and is good with Bentley. Maci still wants to meet her.

Catelynn confides in her mom that her and Tyler almost broke up again last night and they agreed to see a counselor.

Gary, Leah, and Amber are off to Florida for vacation. 16 hour car ride with Amber... yikes! They pick up her dad on the way. Amber is already getting frustrated with Leah and they’re just getting on the road. They learn that traveling with a baby is not easy and it’s causing Gary and Amber to snap at each other. They arrive in FL and go to dinner to meet Amber’s family. Amber’s dad makes the comment that he can tell Amber and Gary are doing good. Um... what dictionary is he using? Amber again brings up the topic of getting engaged and Amber’s dad even encourages it, giving him tips on where to propose while they’re in FL. Gary is still apprehensive. They really should stop pressuring him.

Maci is trying to wean Bentley from his pacifier, but he is not happy about it. While Bentley naps, Maci and a friend discuss Kyle and Maci’s decision to wait for Bentley to meet Kyle.

Farrah is meeting with the prosecutor to discuss her mothers case. He lets her know that she has been offered a deal and is not facing jail time. Debra accepts the misdemeanor, but is upset she will have a record of domestic violence when she claims she was just trying to defend herself. Save it Deb! The ice queen then proceeds to cry about losing her family. Karma?

Maci meets with Ryan to let him have Bentley for the day and lets him know that she is trying to do away with the paci. She is worried that Ryan will give in and give Bentley his pacifier.

Ty and Catelynn meet with a couples counselor and discuss their issues with trust and communication. Tyler wants to learn to forgive and forget, but is still upset that they are 17 and already need counseling.

Leah, Gary, and Amber make their way to the beach and Leah has a mini meltdown because she is afraid of the sand... and the water. Leah is really fussy, so Amber decides it’s best to drag her back to the car on a towel. Amber’s family agrees to babysit Leah so they can have some alone time at the pier.

Farrah meets with her mom and they discuss how Farrah’s been doing. Debra lets her know her decision about the case and that she wishes to be a family with Farrah and Sophia again once everything is said and done. She even brought along Farrah’s baby book. How sweet. Debra get’s emotional when telling Farrah about her first impression of her. Farrah still has her walls up and gets defensive as usual. I thought she wanted to change. Farrah lets her mom know that she doesn’t really want to have a relationship with her mom and Debra tells her to have a nice life.

Catelynn and Tyler continue to talk about her lying and how hurt he is. This is really starting to get old. Catelynn gets emotional and apologizes again. Tyler wants Catelynn’s phone records.

Ryan and Kathryn (Ryan’s new girlfriend) are waiting for Maci to pick up Bentley. They discuss how Maci felt when Kathryn didn’t introduce herself the other night. We then get a shot of Bentley’s pacifier on the ground and Bentley ends up hitting his mouth on a coffee table while trying to get it. Bentley is clearly upset about his mouth, but Kathryn has no problem giving Bentley his pacifier to calm him down. Maci arrives to find Bentley napping with a pacifier. There is no formal introduction between Kathryn and Maci (a lot of dirty looks), but Kathryn does tell Maci that Bentley hit his mouth. Kathryn questions why Ryan didn’t introduce them, and Ryan responds with “I don’t know.”

Farrah meets with a friend to go out after work. Farrah and her friend order some drinks and then discuss how Farrah is a “playa” and a “pimp.” Wow. Seriously? They then talk about Farrah’s standards for men and potential dads for Sophia. Farrah gets emotional as she talks about what could have been with Sophia’s dad.

Kyle comes for a surprise visit. They discuss Ryan and his girlfriend and she says she feels better after meeting Kathryn. She’s really falling for Kyle and contemplates if she should allow him to meet Bentley yet.

Amber and Gary go to the beach for their last day in Florida and he brings up the subject of marriage. He proposes to Amber with a ring that she has already owned and she bought herself. This girl is really desperate. He also had to propose a couple times to meet Amber’s standards. She really is something else. They even get into a little fight while he is trying to propose, but it’s official, Amber and Gary are engaged.


  1. I'm really not fond of Amber, it's worse because she isn't a made up character for a television series.

  2. Yes. It's clear to see that Amber is under stress and not happy with her life. I hope she seeks therapy to help her control her anger. Leah shouldn't have to see her mother scream and tell all of the time.

  3. I usually found maci to be extremely level headed and mature, but the way that she so quickly falls for Kyle makes me like her far less. Also, Kyle's sudden entrance onto the show always felt kinda like producer manipulation to me.

  4. so much about that!

  5. I think that Ryan and Maci should get back together for Bentley cause he deserves a mom and a dad and I think they should work it out just for Bentley!! Ryan and Maci r my fav. teen parents on the show!! I luv them both!!

  6. Locals from UT say that Katheryn Golden(Ryans gf) is a attention seeking whore. She's slept with the whole university and posts videos of her prancing around in a swimsuit half naked that looks like a mild porno of a chubby chick. It is clear to see that she just wants her 15 minutes of fame. Ryan is clearly an idiot to bring a girl home of her nature home to the family and most importantly his son.