Monday, August 9, 2010

MTV's Farrah Abraham Opens Up About Passing Of Ex-boyfriend

I know many people have a negative opinion of Farrah Abraham. She is extremely disrespectful to her parents, and cared more about partying and trying to find a man than being a parent to her daughter. With that said, I do kind of feel bad for her. Viewers can see that she has an extremely bad relationship with her mother, and I’m not sure where all the hate for her father comes from. I don’t know Farrah personally, so it’s hard to know what her relationship was like with her parents before she was pregnant. I know most parents are not going to jump for joy when their 16 year old comes home and says that she is pregnant. However, I do think that parents should try to be supportive of their children and not call them whores like Farrah’s mother did. From what Farrah has said, it seems like Farrah’s pregnancy is what started the gross relationship with her mother, or at least made their relationship worse.

Farrah finally opens up about the child of her father, Derek Underwood passing away in the last episode. Anyone watching can see that this is not easy for Farrah to talk about, and that she is still really hurting. I can’t imagine having someone’s child and the father passing away before I was able to be allowed to him about her. Debra was wrong in saying that Farrah was not allowed to tell the father about Sophia. What even gives her the right to make those decisions? I understand wanting to protect your child, but I really feel like she took it too far. We find out that after Debra learns of his passing, she says that it’s good that it happened. What! This lady clearly has a very cold heart. I think that Farrah seeing a therapist to talk about her anger and grief is an excellent thing. I doubt that the relationship between Debra and Farrah can change until Debra seeks therapy for all of the problems she has. I’m no doctor, but I think Debra may even have some substance abuse problems going on as well. Do I think Debra will get help? No. I think Debra thinks that she has done nothing wrong. Even Farrah says that her mom tries to pretend things of the past never even happened. This is not healthy. Debra will only end up hurting the one she cares most about in the end. Debra neglecting Farrah’s feelings will only drive Farrah and Sophia away.


  1. Hearing Farrah's story really changed my pespective on her totally.

  2. this is so sad :( i never thought wrong of farrah and i dont know what she must be going through