Wednesday, August 18, 2010

MTV's Farrah Abraham Graces the Cover of US Weekly

MTV’s Farrah Abraham is in the latest issue of US Weekly magazine talking about the death of her ex-boyfriend, Derek Underwood. This is the problem I have with Teen Mom. MTV has made these girls celebrities. While they’re no Angelina Jolie, they are still gracing the cover of magazines. There are some girls that idolize these teen moms and think that having a baby at 16 is the “cool thing” to do. Magazine’s doing stories on them is only saying “hey girls, get pregnant at 16 and you’ll get famous.”

Now for the article... Farrah basically blabs about the same thing she has been saying the whole season, which is how great of a guy Derek was. She states that he would have taken great care of her and Sophia. This is where I have a problem. Derek never even knew about Sophia, and there were no plans to tell him. He and Farrah were not on speaking terms when he died, so I really doubt that he would have been in a relationship with Farrah once Sophia was born. I mean, come on, we all see how Farrah has treated people. She’s not exactly relationship material. To be honest, I think she may just be playing the boyfriend card because it’s something she can say to make people feel sorry for her. I’m sure she was also compensated for her story in US Weekly.

She does mention that the relationship between her and Debra is getting better. They both are going to counseling and have moved past the incident. She is now speaking to her parents daily and they are once again active in Sophia’s life.


  1. http://www.kcci.com/r/18374996/detail.html

    here is a link to a story on a local station where they are from about this and his sister states he was about to be a dad she he did know. Even though you maybe on bad terms with someone especially when you are so hormonal when you are pregnant doesnt mean that you arent going to grieve the death of your 1st love and father of your child. The fact that things were bad at the time must make it all the harder for her and I'm sure she is full of I wish I would've... ect. If she made money and Im sure she did from telling her story then good for her she needs what she can get to take care of her and her baby there isnt anything specail about her getting paid for her story Im sure almost everyone is that gives them one just look at Vienna from the Bachelor.

  2. Do you watch the show?? She can barely talk about it without choking up and trying to verbalize that kind of pain. I think she's almost numb with not knowing how to handle the grief of Sophia's father's death. In the 16 & Pregnant episode it was very obvious Farrah's parents were pushing the whole denying the pregnancy to the baby's father and cutting off communication with him. It's really quite sick. And in the new season of Teen Mom Farrah talks to a psychiatrist (thank god) about her mother's cruel reaction to his death. Only saying "Well, that's what happens." and NOTHING else, ever. WTF?

    The emotionally, and as we've seen by her arrest and conviction, physically abusive relationship with her mom is almost painful to watch. I personally, as the child of an alcoholic mom, think the mom is an alcoholic and yet there's little mention of HOW bizarre her behavior is. Even on the episode(s) where the incident is talked about. It seems almost clear as day to me.

    Then Farrah reaches out to her mom to try and mend the relationship, though visibly still hurt and guarded. As she deserves to be! After her mother took no actual responsibility for punching Farrah in the mouth and wielding a knife at officers as reported in their statements and if she took another step they would have shot her. I believe she even blamed Farrah for it on the show. So when she does try and spend this time with her mother she hardly acknowledges Farrah's presence all while obsesses over Sophia in the, one again, most bizarre way. I swear to god she's trying to steal Sophia or something! It is so weird. Like she can throw away Farrah and start with a new child to manipulate. All while none of this is ever even mentioned, which makes it even weirder. I bet they have alot of family secrets. While I do think Farrah acts like a self entitled brat at times (welcome to America in the 21st century), I can't help but feeling bad for her. Most likely considering I grew up in an abusive environment. Mine being slightly more extreme and certainly not in upper middle class as she. But the similarities between my mom in her intoxicated state and her mom is too close to ignore for me.

  3. I think the shows are a good way to show girls who think having a baby young the reality.

    I agree these girls shouldn't be praised for acting irrisponsibly and getting pregnant so young, but they deserve some kind of recogntion for how well they coped and doing it all in front of cameras.

    Just saying.

  4. Anonymous above has the best post. You laid it all out there.

    TMTT have you seen the show??? I don't see it as glorifying at all-it makes me, an almost 30 married woman, see the obstacles these young women face. If anything, it deters my desire to procreate!

  5. Of course I've seen the show. We are all entitled to our own opinions. Just because you don't see things the same way I do does not mean that either of us are wrong. I just don't think that these girls should not be in gossip mags. They say that they do the show strictly to show teens how difficult it is to raise a child, but yet take offers from gossips mags to run stories about their personal lives, such as Ryan and Maci's custody battle.

    The custody battle between Ryan and Maci shouldn't be all over the front of magazines. Yes, I know that these girls signed up for a reality show, but some things should be kept private. They shouldn't be thought of as celebrities. They're suppose to be role models. At this point, I really don't think the majority of the girls on Teen Mom/16 and Pregnant are role model material.

    Yes. I understand that Farrah has a difficult home life, and she lost her ex-boyfriend. Do I feel sorry for her, of course. Do I think she should be running to the press about things that she should be dealing with privately... no. I'm sure Derek's family isn't happy with Farrah for using their son's death to make money off of. And why talk about it now? Why was this not touched on very much in her 16 & Pregnant episode, or season one of Teen Mom?

    To make my point clear, I wasn't just saying that Farrah shouldn't be on the front of magazines, but that none of these girls should be.

  6. You really are an idiot! What teeny-bopper world do you live in that saya every girl who is on the cover of a magazine is trying to be a 'celebrity'. If you would stop judging and just read the article you would see throughout the whole thing they aren't 'glorifying' teen pregnancy. They're talking about how hard it is and how many struggles they overcome. Who says just because they're teen mothers on tv that they have to be 'role models'?? They signed on to share their story with the world, the good and bad. Not try to be some perfect role model. This blog should seriously be taken down. You have no idea what you're even talking about.

    <3 Teresa

  7. I agree with Anonymous. I'm so sad to read so much negativity about Farrah. She was a pregnant teenager which is scary enough, was forced to cut off contact with Derek by her unsupportive mother, she lost the love of her life and did not really get a chance to grieve. My heart aches for Sophia who is so beautiful and will never know her father. Farrah is not perfect, none of us are. But she is trying and doing it all alone, emotionally and financially. Let's give her a break and support her effors, not mock them. Go Farrah! Sophia you are precious! R.I.P Derek.

  8. Teresa

    Did you even read my comment above? I understand where you're coming from, but like I have already said--we are not all going to agree. If you don't like what I have to say... don't read this blog. I know a lot of people feel the same way that I do about Farrah, and there are those who don't. We're all entitled to our own opinions. I never said these girls had to be perfect. That was the image they wanted to create. These girls have said several times that they want to be role models for teen girls. The show itself is setting a bad example because young girls are coming to Farrah, Amber, Maci, Jenelle, etc and asking what they have to do to be on the show. They see that these girls get paid and receive free products for being on a TV show. They want a shot at that too.I don't think anyone should be trying to get pregnant just so they have a chance to be on MTV. FYI: I did read the article, and I'm not judging. I am going by what I have watched and read. Farrah is on a reality show. Not everyone is going to think she's a great person. The girls may not want to be celebrities, but they are being treated like one.

  9. See i think teen mom does the total opposite...this show shows that if you get pregnant while your a teen you'll lose your friends, your bf will probably leave you, you wont be able to finish school, all your friends will desert you, and you wont get any sleep...I believe its a great show! When this show started i was a teenager. I don't think of them as celebrities at all... These girls are not living the luxurious life like Angelina Jolie ..personally their lives don't look fun at all...

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