Friday, June 25, 2010

MTV Presents Teen Dad?

Do you all remember Whitney Pruvis from season one of 16& Pregnant? She elected not to do Teen Mom because of medical problems, but has recently announced via Formspring and Twitter that her fiance, Weston Gosa will be on MTV’s newest addition, Teen Dad. It’s also rumored that Ryan, Maci’s ex will be on the show, too.

From Whitney’s Formspring:

“So what's teen dad goin to be about single teen dads or just dads perspective? and whens teen mom coming back?”

“teen mom in the summer & the dads perspective.”

“so does MTV still contact you about stuff even though you don't do anything for them anymore? like how did you hear about teen dad?”

“yeah I still talk to them & they called us asking if we'd be interested.”

I am very happy about Weston being on the show. Whitney was one of my favorites from season one and now we’ll get to see her again. Ryan seemed so disconnected on Teen Mom. It could have just been the editing, but I’m hoping we see more of a nurturing side of Ryan if he’s on the show. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Gary on this. We never really see him being a parent to Leah on Teen Mom. The show focuses more on Amber’s parenting and their fighting. I don’t know that there are any other dads that they could add to this show from season one. I like Tyler, but we see enough of him on Teen Mom. Maybe they’ll throw some dads in there from season 2. Jo (Kailyn), Skylar (Lizzie), Corey (Leah), and possibly Matt (Valerie) would be some good additions.

Now this show isn’t official, but I think it would be great. I think a lot of people wished that Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant focused more on the dads, and now that could be possible.

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