Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's Official!

It’s official. The second season of Teen Mom will premier on MTV on July 20th at 10PM. This season still will only feature Amber and Gary, Tyler and Catelynn, Ryan and Maci, and Farrah. I know Jenelle has mentioned there will be a Teen Mom with the girls from the second season of 16 & Pregnant. My guess is their season will air after this season of Teen Mom.

Now for the trailer. If you haven’t watched it yet, it can be viewed here: http://www.mtv.com/videos/misc/531210/teen-mom-season-2-trailer.jhtml#id=1642204.

Amber- Well, she looks great this season. Amber has obviously lost quite a bit of weight, but she still doesn’t have her GED. Surprising? We see a pregnancy scare, which I’m hoping is the one that was addressed on the Teen Mom Reunion. Gary and Amber’s relationship still looks like it’s in trouble. Apparently Gary is a cheater. Amber has her fist raised at Gary once again, but then we see her in a wedding dress. Hmmm.

Maci- She has a new beau in her life who looks an awful lot like Bentley. Maci tells Ryan she plans to take Bentley away for the Summer and Ryan pretty much says that he’ll see her in court. Is Ryan really upset that Bentley’s leaving for the Summer, or just jealous of the relationship Kyle has with Bentley and Maci?

Catelynn- Looks like Amber and Gary aren’t the only ones having trouble in lovers land. An emotional Catelynn throws her ring at Tyler after he says he doesn’t think they should be engaged. The couple are obviously dealing with their own struggles of giving up their daughter and it looks to be effecting their relationship. Hopefully not for the long term! The good news is that they get to see Carly. Yay!

Farrah- I’m sure most heard that Farrah and her mom had a physical altercation a few months ago and MTV caught it all on camera. Farrah appears to be living in some sort of empty home. Maybe she got an apartment. She’s in therapy with her mother, but doesn’t seem to be making much progress. I’m happy to see that she has put trying to find a man on the back burner for the moment and focus on being a mom.

The babies have gotten so big since the reunion. Bentley is talking and most are walking. It looks to be a good, drama filled season.

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