Saturday, June 26, 2010

Is Josh Drummonds The Next Spencer Pratt?

I’m sure you all remember Josh Drummonds from Nikkole Paulun’s episode of 16 & Pregnant in season 2. He was the guy who threatened to throw a chair at his pregnant girlfriend, he was extremely disrespectful to Nikkole and her mother, and has a criminal record. Now he has decided to grace us with his stupidity again by getting a Fromspring. Josh’s Formspring has since been deleted. Go figure. Here are some of the questions from it.

Taken from Josh’s Fromspring:

Q:“What have you been arrested for?"

A:“Too much shit dude. Larceny but mostly drugs and shit and breaking into houses and just so much dumb shit”

Q:“do you regret acting the way you did in the delivery room?"

A:“Nah Rikki deserved it”

Q:“do you get mad when people talk crap?"

A:“Nah haters make me famous”

Looks like he’s a little Spencer Pratt in the making. What is MTV creating?

Josh seems like he hasn’t changed and got a fair edit on 16 & Pregnant. While I like Nikkole, I would rather not see her on Teen Mom. I don’t think Josh needs, or deserves anymore air time. The fact that Nikkole continues to stay with Josh after the way he verbally, and possibly physically abuses her is not healthy. It’s sending teen girls the wrong message.

In case you missed Josh on 16 & Pregnant:


  1. Nikkole didn't bother me so much, but her idiocy regarding her bf made me lose all compassion for her.

  2. What a fucking joke that little boy is.

  3. I live down the street from his mom and he is a true loser he barely sees his kid Lyal, he is in and out of jail and he has drug possesion charges, breaking and entering around my nieborhood,and vadalizing people's cars. And he doesn't at all care about Nikkole. Nikkole though she's nice has no self respect for herself. He is a deadbeat father and that is all he will ever be if he keeps going down this path.