Friday, October 15, 2010

Farrah Abraham Has Got A New Beau?

Star Magazine ran an article about a guy, Tony Lovato, who claims that he and Farrah are an item. However, this guy seems like nothing but bad news to me. He was arrested for stabbing his ex-girfriend’s friend to death. Not someone I would want to get to close to.

Now, it looks like they only interview Tony for the article, so this could just be some guy trying to use Farrah to get attention. He claims they met on Twitter. He Tweeted Farrah about how he was upset about Farrah yelling at Sophia in an episode of Teen Mom. Farrah Tweeted back defending herself. He later apologized and the two became friends. Afterwards, they started private messaging each other via Twitter and one of the things Farrah asked is when they were going to make their relationship Facebook official, and that was pretty much it.

I really don’t think this is the best guy for Farrah to date, or bring around Sophia. I can’t imagine Debbie being happy about this either. Do you think Farrah should date Tony?


  1. It has already been confirmed false, they are NOT dating, have NEVER dated.

  2. that fool is a scum bag piece of trash worthless man. he took my friends brothers life n still has yet to get his. he should b rotting in a cell getting butt raped daily. n Farrah i know its hard right now but really a MURDER come on if not for ur self then for ur daughter keep him out of ur life. twitter facebook whatever it is y would u go so low as to b able to tlk to a murder he obviously has no feelings towards life u really think he will make ur situation any better?
    think bout it woman!

  3. oh boy u jus need to go hide under a rock no joke y would u even try to get known messin with this young woman? and she has a kid what can u give them? u took someones father what would u try to stepp up n be one?>