Saturday, February 12, 2011

Is Barbara To Blame?

After watching the latest Teen Mom 2 episode, I’m really starting to see why Jenelle is the way she is. I think that Jenelle acts out because of her mother. I’ve noticed that Barbara nags her... a lot. She seems like she tries to push Jenelle’s buttons. Then there is the fact that they can’t even have a conversation without getting frustrated with each other. They should seek family counseling to help them learn how to treat each other better. It’s not healthy for Jace to be in that type of environment. As for Jenelle’s constant partying, and staying out late- I would say that’s also because of her home environment. Who wants to stay home with someone who is constantly belittling them? Barbara completely over reacted about the tax form. I understand that she was in a rush to go somewhere, and was most likely stressed about that, but that’s no excuse to talk to your child like that. Plus, how embarrassing must that have been for Keifer to witness that? It’s nice to see that Jenelle is trying to get her life on the right track by going to college and having a job. It shows that she does have potential to be a good parent and possibly regain custody of Jace. However, she has to get her priorities straight. Even though her mother drives her crazy, she shouldn’t be forfeiting the one day she gets to spend with Jace by staying out all night. I am not making excuses for Jenelle or her behavior, but I do see why she acts the way she does now.


  1. I'm very much agree with your article here and I suggest also that Jenelle should seek counseling and move in her to a different environment with a good influence to her.